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Book of Rolling Tips – developing dexterity the 21st century way.

A startup with a resonant name "Library of Tips" is making its way into the international industry of smoking paraphernalia. Its product is aimed at people’s book shelves. It is a stylish book of perforated rolling tips for creating roll-your-own smoking products. Although the idea came up years ago, it took time to develop the product line yet to be released in 2019.
The first edition presents three hardcover books. Classic Joint Tips features a cannabis leaf and a fragment of renaissance art on the cover, Hi Again Tips features an intelligent mix of black-and-white prints and letterpress, while Timeless has premium dark textile exterior with bronze detailing and discrete Book of Rolling Tips lettering.
Each hardcover contains 80 pages of highly tactile chlorine-free paper of perfect thickness which has been manufactured in compliance with practices, such as responsible forestry, waste reduction and alternative energy usage. There are 16 rolling tips per page and the total tip count is 1280. The books also include a QR/text code to provide extra features for loyal clients. A curious fact about the product is that it doesn’t have to be used exclusively for rolling, but also for taking helpful and creative notes.
As the industry and community are getting highly acclaimed around the world very rapidly, the perfect time is now:
“Living in places where you can only dream about medical or recreational cannabis being legal, observing the evolution of the industry on the web and realizing how far it is from the majority of the countries of the world, this book is the perfect companion to meditate and wait with”, entrepreneurs explained.

- An excellent gift for cannabis enthusiasts, with a guaranteed wow-factor
- A place for original, creative notes, drawings or sketches
- Great merchandise for the international industry
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